SonicGuard HUMAN Ultrasonic tick and flea repeller for adults, and kids above 6yrs-Orange

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- Ultrasonic device keeps ticks and fleas away - Absolutely eco-friendly - Harmless for humans and pets - Completely non-toxic - Operating range about 3 meters
This small electronic product is the ideal solution to keep ticks away during hunting outdoor sport activities, walks, picnics or camping, in a totally ecological way and without contraindications of any kind. Completely non-toxic, it releases no chemical substances and no odours, but works by emitting a series of ultrasound impulses that are harmless and imperceptible for both persons and animals, but that disturb ticks, keeping them away or forcing them to leave the person. TickLess must be attached to the clothing with the incorporated clip or a lanyard passed through the holes provided, taking care not to obstruct the ultrasound emission grille. Operating range about 3 meters. This is a small product. Take care with children. Use: Remove the plastic tab to connect the lithium battery already present (not replaceable). Press the button to turn the device on or off. Four short green flashes show that the device is on, and a single long red flash shows it is off. When the device is functioning, the light flashes every 5 minutes. After 8 hours the device turns itself off automatically. Working time is approx. 3.000 hours.
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Design / Options Cavalier Design+ Tactical grip
Color Green
Dot number One-dot
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