Foregrip Safety System for Pistols - Olive Drab

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Foregrip Safety System for Pistols
Pistols without external manual safeties may be carried safely using a foregrip designed to cover the trigger.

Critical for carbine conversions.

Folding grip with extendable spring-retracting safety shield for use as a manual safety for pistols with no external safety.

Mounts to pistol rails for use with buttstock conversions such as the GLR-17/440

MIL-SPEC reinforced polymer composite.

Disclaimer: If installed on a pistol, the pistol will become an Any Other Weapon. You must first register your pistol as an SBR (to use a stock) or an AOW with the ATFE using ATFE Form 1.

Weight      3.67 ounces  (104 gr)
Width        1.65"  (42 mm)
Height       1.5"    (38 mm)
Length      6"        (153 mm)
Height (open / deployed)       4"   (102 mm)
Length (open / deployed)       2.48"   (63 mm)
More Information
Manufacturer FAB Defense
Design / Options Cavalier Design+ Tactical grip
Color Green
Dot number One-dot
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