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  • Front Line

Life in Israel is lived on the front line. This inescapable reality, combined with ongoing operational experience, inspired the FRONT LINE Holster series.

Today, FRONT LINE Holsters are among the finest in the world. With holster designs ranging from classic leather styles to models featuring innovative retention systems and cutting edge materials, FRONT LINE manufactures the ideal holster for any shooter’s specific needs.

FRONT LINE works closely with Israeli Defense Forces, law enforcement, and special operations units to design, test, and refine its holster designs. The results are combat-proven holster designs built from cutting-edge materials and featuring unique, intuitive retention systems.

FRONT LINE continually upgrades holsters based on combat experience to meet the stringent requirements of Special Operations Units, the Secret Service and Israeli Defense Forces, among many other groups worldwide. That’s why there is such a wide and detailed selection of FRONT LINE holsters, manufactured from a variety of materials like Kydex, cordura, nylon, leather, and their combinations.

We are confident that you will find the holster you have been looking for, whether you need a Tactical holster, Duty or concealment model, and whether you need an on-belt/BFL wearing, Low-Ride or a Tactical Plate.

FRONT LINE, the name says it all! They are at the front line, the cutting edge of the industry. Their products were born in action and designed for users who live on the “FRONT LINE” every day.

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