Stability is critical when firing a rifle, which is why finding the right foregrip for your shooting style is essential.  Rather than simply gripping the barrel, a good foregrip gives you extra stability and control of the weapon.  They're a must-have if you're planning on firing off a lot of rounds.

There's no single "best" gun foregrip, and there are plenty of different models on the market.  It mostly comes down to what works for you.  Here's a quick overview of the three top weapon foregrips.

The Three Basic Types of Rifle Foregrips 

I. Vertical 

The vertical foregrip is just that – a vertical grip, coming straight down off the barrel.  They're usually cylindrical and known as "broomstick grips" in some circles.  Once among the most common types of grip, they are now mainly used for specific models and modes of shooting.  While they do offer a fair level of control, most shooters agree that either angled or handstop grips offer more control.  However, they retain a cult following for some and if you plan on firing a lot of rounds, they let you keep your hand well away from the heated barrel.

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II. Angled

Angled grips come in a wide variety of styles, but the key differentiator is that they come out from the barrel at an angle.  The angle can be slight or extreme, forwards or backwards – with the backwards grip among the more rare.  A good angled grip allows you to keep much better control than gripping the barrel alone, while also serving as a backstop which lets you keep the rifle pressed against your body for greater stability when firing. Angled grips are typically the most popular used today.

III. Handstop

A handstop is just that - a small piece of plastic that gives the back of your hand something to rest on as you grip the barrel.  This allows for a direct barrel grip that still has significantly more control than only gripping the barrel, as well as being more comfortable for the user. The primary advantage to handstop-style grips is that they're small and lightweight - they won't unbalance your weapon.  However, they don't offer the same level of control as an angled grip.

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