choosing a holster

If you plan on carrying a handgun on your person, then few decisions are
more important than choosing the right holster.  You need a holster which
is comfortable to wear, will safely protect your firearm and - of course -
provides easy access when you need it. 

There are a lot of gun holsters to choose from, so how do you decide which one to choose?  Generally, the best holster is simply the one that's best for you and your weapon though there are some considerations that should be addressed.

Three Critical Factors When Choosing A Holster for Your Gun

1 - Where do you want to draw from?

The three most common places to place a holster is on the hip, below the
arm, or on the leg. 

Hip-based holsters are the most common, and generally the “go-to” choice.  Holsters hanging from the shoulder, however, are usually the best option if you have your concealed carry license.  They offer excellent accessibility and are easily covered by a jacket.  Leg or ankle holsters are much less common and more often seen carrying secondary weaponry than a primary sidearm. Typically, the best way to decide which is best for you is to simply try on several holsters and made a decision based on comfort and accessibility.

2 - How easy is it to re-holster your weapon?

When trying out holsters, it's obvious that the speed of your draw is important - but so is the speed of re-holstering.  Many holsters are designed to be quick-draw, but then make it difficult to replace the weapon afterward.  This can be dangerous, particularly if you have to use both hands to re-holster.  Be sure to try both drawing and re-holstering, before deciding on a holster.

3 - How comfortable is it?

Don't overlook your own comfort level when choosing a holster, particularly if you're planning on wearing your holster most of the time.   A poorly made and less expensive holster may cause chafing.  Or, you may simply have a body shape that doesn't fit well with a particular holster's design. Don’t discount comfort as it’s a wearable that may be on your body for hours at a time.

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