For today’s concealed carry-minded gunowner, a good holster is as important as the handgun itself, just as a good scope is to a rifle for a big game hunter. But knowing what holster to choose can be mind boggling as there are probably even more holster choices than there are handgun models. Besides finding one that fits your carry gun perfectly, a gunowner needs to determine how they want to wear the firearm, what materials and design they would like the holster to have and even things like how often they plan to carry the firearm and how secure do they need it to be.

SCORPUS holsterFor most carry practitioners, a firearm carried on the strongside (shooting hand side) of their body, makes the most sense for both comfort and ease of access should they ever need to quickly draw the gun for protection. Inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters worn inside the top of the pants can be great for maximizing concealment, but lousy for comfort (and style) if you need to wear your pants a size or two larger in order to accommodate the space needed for the handgun. If you’re toting some extra pounds around the midsection, an IWB holster might definitely prove to be not always the most comfortable option, either. Reholstering a firearm into an IWB holster can also be tricky and potentially dangerous if you don’t properly practice it as many people naturally point the gun back into their hip as they attempt to find the opening in which to slide the firearm.

For maximum comfort and ease-of-access (both pulling the gun and putting it back), an outside-the-waistband holster is the ideal go-to option. One of the most popular models by FAB Defense is their SCORPUS line of holsters.

SCORPUS holsters are designed to be durable and comfortable and provide the perfect blend of access and retention needed by someone carrying a sidearm. The holster is made from fiberglass reinforced polymer composite in a slim, compact design that reduces bulk, holds the sidearm to the body and allows for ample concealment when worn with an untucked shirt or a jacket. It comes in three colors: matte black, olive drab green or desert tan. The holster comes with belt loops and a paddle to allow the user to wear it in the preferred manner.

Because I frequently need to walk into schools to pick my kids up or must go into locations where even CCW firearms are not permitted, I like the paddle, which allows me to quickly and easily slide the holster and firearm together from my side and safely lock it in my vehicle without feeling like I’m half undressing in a parking lot. I can also do it while sitting in my vehicle, which draws less attention to the fact that I am removing or putting on a gun (depending on if I am going in or coming out of a restricted area) than when I have to stand up and get out of the driver’s seat to partially remove my belt.

The paddle also allows for the holster to be worn at an angle up to 35 degrees, which some shooters prefer since they can more comfortably and quickly grip the firearm the farther back on their waste they wear it. The farther back you prefer to wear your gun, more angle makes it easier to grip quickly and easily on the first attempt.

For added carry security, the SCORPUS features a Level 2 retention system meaning the natural shape and design of the holster acts to retain the gun as well as the spring-based pressure-activated locking lever on the side of the holster, which holds it firmly in place should someone attempt to grab your firearm or you find yourself knocked to the ground and tussling as a result of a physical attack. In such situations, the gun will stay right on our side, where you can get to it if and when needed. The lever is naturally located where your trigger finger would slide along the outside of the holster as you begin your grip to remove the handgun, allowing the shooter to intuitively draw in a single, smooth motion. There is even an anti-rattle pressure tab built into the SCORPUS for a tighter, more secure fit. The SCORPUS holster is available in left-handed configurations and is designed for some of the most popular handgun models and sizes on the market.

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