Sometimes you're in a situation where you need to shine a little light on your target - literally.  Flashlights go hand-in-hand (or barrel-with-barrel) with weaponry.  While they do make you easier to spot, sometimes you just can't afford to go in blind.  Attaching a gun flashlight to your weapon allows you to keep a hand free while ensuring that you're always aiming in the direction where you have maximum visibility.

Gun flashlight mounts are simple affairs, often just clipping onto the weapon while providing a hole into which a small flashlight is inserted.  Still, it's worth thinking about your options and choosing the type of gun flashlight mount which will best suit your needs.

The Three Most Important Considerations With Gun Flashlight Options

1 – Sizing

It might be obvious to point out, but if you have a particular flashlight in mind, you want to make sure your gun flashlight mount is sized correctly for it.  Weapon flashlight mounts come in a small range of sizes, usually around 3/4" and going up to 1 1/8" or so.  These variations are small enough that they can be hard to eyeball, so make sure you check the stats to ensure they fit your flashlight.

2 - Positioning / Balance

A gun flashlight mount might attach to the top of the barrel, on the bottom, or off to the side.  Each of these has some benefits and drawbacks, although in general, bottom-mounting is usually best.  This will reduce the impact the flashlight has on weight, balancing, and aiming.  Top-mounted can also work but might interfere with your sights.  Side-mounting is mostly for situations where top- or bottom-mounting isn't an option since it will definitely throw off the balance a bit. Or, if you can't make up your mind, pick up an adjustable weapon flashlight mount that allows you to swing between left, bottom, or right-side mounting depending on the situation.

3 - Foregrip integration

Another option you might investigate is getting a tactical foregrip with integrated flashlight.  This provides an all-in-one solution to several problems.  Plus, by putting the foregrip and flashlight together, you absolutely minimize any weight/balance issues that would come from a freestanding flashlight mount.

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