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If you find that your aim isn't as good as it could be, you don't need to be a better shot... you just need to shoot more bullets! We kid, of course.  The solution to bad aim is practice.  However, there's still something to be said for having plenty of ammo ready to fire, particularly if you think you're going to be in an intense situation.  Even on the range, more bullets means less time reloading. There are plenty of reasons to look into modified gun magazines or accessories that let you keep more mags at hand.

Exploring Your Options in Carrying More Bullets

Extended Magazines 

The easiest option, of course, is simply to get a bigger mag for your weapon.  There are extended magazines for virtually every handgun on the market, such as the Glock.  The only real drawback here, aside from the possibility of throwing off the balance a bit, is that many states have regulations on magazine sizes. Be sure to consult your local laws before purchasing extended magazines.

Magazine Couplers

Another simple solution is a set of magazine couplers.  These allow you to clip two mags side-by-side so that a full clip is instantly ready and available to slam into place the moment you need it.  With quick attach/release features, they can substantially increase your reload speeds.

Clip-on Shell Holders

For shotguns, it's not as simple as buying an extended mag.  Fortunately, there's another relatively simple solution: Picatinny-rail shell holders.  These clip easily onto the side of your shotgun, giving you quick access to numerous more shells.  It's an easy and affordable way to boost your reload speeds.

Rifle Magazine Holders

What if your rifle doesn't have a simple place to put a spare clip?  You've got a couple of options for stowing away extra magazines.  One would be in a modified buttstock, which leaves room for a clip in its interior.  Another option is to get a foregrip with clip compartment, which similarly houses an extra mag for easy access.

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