1. Why the MEPROLIGHT Tru-Dot RDS Should Be Your Only Choice

    Are you looking for an excellent all-around red-dot night sight which will offer years of service, and has compatibility with a wide variety of weaponry? You'd be hard pressed to do better than a Tru-Dot RDS from Meprolight!    You can get a Tru-Dot RDS for a huge variety of firearms. The basic models fit onto standard picatinny rails, while...
  2. Gifts for Hunters: GL Shock, RDS, M21, Ultimag 5R, AGM500FKSB

    The holiday season is upon us, and if you’re anything like me you have several folks on your list to buy for that are avid hunters. Here at Mako, we often market our items as being perfect for law enforcement, military, or the everyday shooter but may not mention that there are a lot of great options for hunters Continue reading →
  3. Buyers Beware: Don't be Fooled by FT Bullseye Poseurs

    It’s true; the Meprolight FT Bullseye is a one-of-a-kind rear-only micro optic pistol sight. Now, for those industry buffs who really know their sights, they might recall the TAS- which is also a rear-only sight. Those buffs might think that the FT Bullseye is a copycat version of the TAS, and they’re not entirely wrong, but they’re not entirely correct...
  4. 30% Off Black Friday Deals for Your AR-15

    The AR-15 is arguably the most popular among rifle owners and for many good reasons. The rifle’s dependable and accurate design are just two of the reasons for the weapon’s vast popularity; it’s also very easy to customize. We carry many different accessories for upgrading your AR-15 build from Meprolight and FAB Defense. Now you can save 30% on the top four products during our Annual Black Friday Sales Event! Use promo code BKFR30 at checkout on these four tactical accessories and everything else on our site (and free shipping too)! Continue reading →
  5. 30% Off Black Friday Deals for Home Defense

    Now, more than ever, Americans want to exercise their right to defend their homes and families. Each month, more and more Americans are buying guns for in-home defensive situations. Rifle, shotgun or pistol, whichever weapon you depend on for protection, we offer an extensive list of weapon accessories that help improve accuracy with your weapon when it matters most. During...
  6. 30% OFF BLACK FRIDAY SALE- Gifts For Your GLOCK

    GLOCK handguns are among the most well known in the world and are consistently top-sellers in the United States year after year. It could be their supreme reliability, lightweight design or choice of calibers that makes them so popular, but we’ll leave the “why” up to you. If there’s a gun lover on your holiday shopping list, chances are that...
  7. 30% Off Bugout Bag Essentials for Black Friday

    Holiday shopping isn’t on the top of the list of “ways to spend the weekend” for preppers. But, if we are going to make a list and check it twice, we’re gunna be smart about it and we’re going to have the things we need. That’s why we’ve made hitting up our Black Friday Sale for the prepper on your shopping list so easy with this gift guide. If that prepper on your list is you, we won’t fault you for arming yourself with the best tactical survival accessories available at a major discount. In fact, we encourage it. With 30% off, these four accessories (and everything else on our site) will increase your capabilities to deal wth any scenario. Continue reading →
  8. BLACK FRIDAY SALE: 5 Tactical Components Under $200

    We realize that many budgets are strapped during the holiday season, that’s why we put together this gift guide highlighting some of our most popular items available under $200 during our Annual Black Friday Sales Event. We’re offering 30% off our entire site with promo code BLFR30, but here are a few items you can’t pass up for the 2A defenders on your holiday shopping list. Continue reading →
  9. BLACK FRIDAY SALE 30% Off for Gun Lovers

    Holiday shopping is stressful, so we decided to make your list a little easier this year. Here’s a list of the top three weapon components that anyone who loves guns actually wants this holiday season. If the gun lover is you, we won’t knock you for treating yourself, especially with our 30% off Black Friday Sales Event going on, there’s...
  10. BLACK FRIDAY SALE 30% Off Gifts for Police Officers

    Everyone has that one person on their holiday shopping list that’s difficult to find great gifts for, that’s why we put together this gift guide for the best three gifts for police officers. Starting November 14, everything on our site is 30% off for our Annual Black Friday sale, so, it’s a great time to take advantage and get the...

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