1. What You Need To Know About The Meprolight FT Bullseye

    At SHOT Show, Meprolight introduced the FT Bullseye, an innovative improvement on an existing sight. Shooters, new and experienced alike, are intrigued by the sight and questions are popping up around the web, so we wanted to take the most frequently asked questions and answer them for you in one space. Here are six important things you need to know about...
  2. Shooting is a Family Sport— Happy Father's Day!

    I’m willing to bet that many of us, regardless of whether we are male or female, if we love shooting today and grew up exposed to the proper way to handle firearms as a kid, we have a father to thank for introducing us to the sport. Whether it was an early foray into the woods to hunt, a visit...
  3. Choosing the Right Holster Line: FAB Defense SCORPUS Holsters

    For today’s concealed carry-minded gunowner, a good holster is as important as the handgun itself, just as a good scope is to a rifle for a big game hunter. But knowing what holster to choose can be mind boggling as there are probably even more holster choices than there are handgun models. Besides finding one that fits your carry gun perfectly, a gunowner needs to determine how they want to wear the firearm, what materials and design they would like the holster to have and even things like how often they plan to carry the firearm and how secure do they need it to be. SCORPUS holsterFor most carry practitioners, a firearm carried on the strongside (shooting hand side) of their body, makes the most sense for both comfort and ease of access should they ever need to quickly draw the gun for protection. Inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters worn inside the top of the pants can be great for maximizing concealment, but lousy for comfort (and style) if you need to wear your pants a size or two larger in order to accommodate the space needed for the handgun. If you’re toting some extra pounds around the midsection, an IWB holster might definitely prove to be not always the most comfortable option, either. Reholstering a firearm into an IWB holster can also be tricky and potentially dangerous if you don’t properly practice it as many people naturally point the gun back into their hip as they attempt to find the opening in which to slide the firearm. Continue reading →
  4. New Product Highlights for 2016

    With the new year always comes the announcement of new products and The Mako Group’s collection of companies have a lot to offer shooters in 2016. Just a few of the new offerings from The Make Group brands, FAB Defense, E-Lander Mags, Front Line holsters, RTS Targets and Meprolight include: Meprolight TRU-DOT RDS This new product has great quality and value is an unbeatable combination for anybody, particularly a shooting enthusiast looking to trick out his tactical rifle with a pinpoint accurate red dot sight. The TRU-DOT RDS was developed in Israel and is now available in the states at the ridiculously great low price of $399. Combat quality for a price a working man can afford will make this compact, energy-efficient and rugged red dot a must-have for your tactical rifle. Continue reading →
  5. Last-Minute Gun Gifts

    When it comes to shooting enthusiasts, there is no such thing as the person who has everything. There are certainly plenty of guys and women who have a lot of stuff, including firearms of every caliber, ammo, shooting accessories and more, but everything? Not a chance. That’s why if you are buying for the gun lover in your life, your...
  6. Competitive Shooting is an Equal Playing Field

    I've been asked many times if it was difficult for me, as a woman, to get into shooting. The truth is, for me, it wasn't. But it's not just me. I've asked many women if they felt like it was difficult to get into shooting, or if they felt like they didn't fit in. Almost all of them said no...
  7. Online Shooting Community

    Just like any other community, there is a pretty decent online presence for shooters. From online forums/discussion boards provided by the Civilian Marksmanship Program for gun collectors as well as different types of competitors, to a Twitter account called @shooter_probz, shooters of all ages and interests can find a place on the Internet to discuss, read about and even buy what they love. Continue reading →
  8. Shooting Sports Requirement: Fitness

    In precision rifle shooting, we do this thing a lot called "standing still." Now, this seemingly simple task leads to many misconceptions and many well-meant, honestly curious questions, that if we weren't so used to it, would probably be pretty offensive to most shooters. These questions include things such as, "are you guys, like, real athletes?" and "wait so, do you have to workout?" If you couldn't guess, the answers to these are yes, and you got it, yes. We are real athletes (rifle is a real sport), and not all shooters, but the best rifle shooters, generally have some sort of regular, sport-specific, work out routine that keeps them in pretty good shape. Of course, different shooters' workout routines differ, some being more intensive than others. But these workout programs generally have a few things in common. Continue reading →
  9. The Importance of a Shot Plan

    Much like martial arts, one of the best things about shooting is the discipline and focus it teaches. This discipline comes in many forms. But I think the best example of the way the discipline of shooting carries over into everyday life is through the infamous shot plan. Continue reading →
  10. Shooters Have Some Serious Equipment

    Shooting is a very complicated sport. There are so many intricate components. There's a shooter’s mental game, which includes focus, positive thinking, drive to succeed, etc. There's a shooter’s position, which includes body type, consistency, and more. Then there's something that sometimes gets mistakenly forgotten or overlooked— in spite of it being ever-present— often overwhelming nature: equipment. Continue reading →

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