Pistol Grip Control

When you're dealing with a high-powered rifle such as an AK47 or M16, keeping control of the weapon is all-important.  You want the ability to shoot quickly and accurately while keeping control of the rifle - otherwise, you could quickly start spreading bullets all over the place.

There are numerous ways to achieve this, but one of the best options is also among the most affordable - adding the right pistol grip to your rifle.

4 Reasons A Pistol Grip Could Improve Your Rifle Control

1 - Fitting the hand

This one is simple and straightforward:  The contoured design of pistol grips fit the human hand much better than the straight/rigid grip which is standard on most rifles.  This makes them more comfortable to hold for long periods, which can be critical if you're carrying your weapon at ready. Additionally, the extra "grippyness" of the pistol grip also makes it harder to drop or lose control of the weapon.

2 - Easier utility use of your non-dominant hand

Because it's easier to hold and hang onto your rifle with a pistol grip, this makes it less important to keep your off-hand on the weapon at all times. You can use your other hand for additional gear or tactical movements without much fear of the weapon slipping.

3 - A better gripping angle

There's a subtle difference between the angle created between the grip and the rifle, depending on whether you're using a straight or pistol grip.  In most cases, the pistol grip allows your wrist to hold the weapon at a straighter angle than the stock grip.  This is a somewhat more natural position for your wrist, whereas stock grips usually force your wrist into a 'locked' extension. So again, it's easier to rotate your wrist and maintain better control of your weapon with a pistol grip.

4 - Two is better than one

For maximum stability and control, it's hard to beat the combination of a rear pistol grip plus a pistol-style foregrip.  Foregrips generally give far better control of the weapon for precise aiming, as well as largely negating any tendency of the muzzle to rise during repeated shots. In short, there are times that a stock grip might be preferable (particularly situations where you're stationary), but a solid pistol grip can be a good addition to almost any rifle.  

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