Recoil Reduction Products

One of the most basic laws of physics is… "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." When you fire a bullet from a firearm of any size, it creates substantial backwards force, or recoil.  Managing recoil reduction is critical for proper aiming, fast shooting, and overall mastery of a weapon.

The most immediate problem with recoil is that it throws your aim off, by knocking your barrel off-target.  The time it takes to re-aim is valuable time lost, particularly in a live-fire incident.  Further, it increases the chances of wild firing, or a misaimed shot that goes somewhere it shouldn't.

Reducing recoil should be foremost in the mind of anyone working with weaponry.  Fortunately, there are a few options for dealing with recoil reduction.

Four Ways to Reduce Recoil In Your Weaponry

1 - Add accessories

Let’s start with the obvious when it comes to recoil reduction. Yes, there are numerous accessories that can reduce recoil.  Some rifles, such as the AR-15, can support modified stocks with shock absorbers built-in.  Or, some handguns can accept aftermarket recoil rods with greater strength. Adding a muzzle brake to reduce kickback is another option,  but be aware: this will significantly increase the loudness of your shots!

2- Practice

Arguably, the greatest shock absorber one can add to a gun is one's own body. As you work with a firearm, you'll build up your muscles so that they can absorb the shock of recoil more easily. In addition, as you work with a particular weapon, you'll learn how it reacts to recoil and be prepared to counteract that movement more quickly. In the field, you may not have access to fancy accessories and add-ons. Fundamentally, there may be no better way to reduce recoil than to fire off 100-150 shots with your weapon, per week, until you've mastered its kickback.

3 - Add weight to the weapon

This is an imperfect option for recoil reduction but can be useful for larger weapons, particularly long arms which utilize a mount or stabilizer.  The heavier the weapon is, the less recoil it will experience, because the backward force will be nullified by its weight.

4 - Use lower-powered ammo

Another option here is to reduce the amount of gunpowder in your bullets.  This reduces the energy expended when they fire, reducing the recoil. Of course, this also reduces bullet velocity and distance. Whether this tradeoff is worth it for you will entirely depend on your firing situation.

Recoil Reduction Products with Mako Products

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