If you're in any sort of survival situation, a good tactical knife could be your best friend. Both a weapon and a tool, a great tactical knife can be used in a variety of ways to keep you alive - if you pick the right one. There are a lot of knives out there, and while most are good for their own purposes, the key is in picking the knife that will suit your needs. 

Weighing Your Options Between Tactical Knives

1 - Fixed vs Folding Blades

Most tactical knives have a fixed blade, and must be sheathed, but occasionally you come across a folding-blade tactical knife instead. The advantage of a folding blade is, of course, convenience.  Folded up, it can fit easily within a bag or pocket. However, the hinge will always be a potential point of failure. If the hinge is ever weakened, the blade will also suffer for it. Generally speaking, fixed blades are going to be the better option unless you have genuine need for a compact folding blade.

2 - Serrated vs Straight Edges

Arguments over whether straight or serrated blades are better can be heated, but it really boils down to what you foresee doing with your knife. Straight blades are generally better for stabbing, and cutting cleanly, but serrated blades have more potential utility since they can also saw through wood, rope, etc. 

However, there is one other thing to be aware of: sharpening a serrated blade is significantly more difficult than sharpening a straight blade. And a dull serrated edge can be worse than useless, failing to cut and also getting caught in the material. So stay away from serrated blades unless you have the skill to properly maintain them.

3 - Single vs Dual Edges

Should your tactical knife only have one cutting edge, or be dual-sided like a dagger? Generally speaking, a single edge is fine. This allows you to gain extra strength and leverage when cutting by bearing down on the top. Dual-edge blades may be better for stabbing, but they are otherwise hard to use.

4 - Stainless vs Carbon Steel

This one's easy: stick to carbon steel, which is much stronger and holds its sharpness longer. The only advantage to stainless steel is that it's more rust-resistant, but good care and oiling can protect a carbon steel blade just as well.

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