Aclim8 COMBAR Pro Titanium - Rescue and Survival tool, 5 in 1: Hammer, Axe, and Spade Built Into the Body, with an Additional Knife and Saw and a Magazine - Elite Adventurer Tool

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ALL 5 ESSENTIALS IN ONE SUPER HEAVY-DUTY MULTI-TOOL SYSTEM - A Folding Axe, Spade, Hammer, Knife, and Saw (including Magazine Insert).

LIFETIME WARRANTY - The Highest Quality of Workmanship & Premium Materials: Titanium, Stainless Steel, FG Plastic. Our 25-year Limited Warranty Ensures That Your Combar Will Give You Many Years of Dependable Service.

HIGHEST PORTABILITY - Compact & Lightweight (3 Lb / 1.5 Kg Only!).

MILITARY GRADE STANDARD - Developed According to US Military Standards. Unlike other multi-tools on the market, the COMBAR is made with over 300 grams of titanium.

RAPID ACTIVATION AND SAFE USE - Unique Locking Mechanisms, All Sharp Edges Tucked Away, Modular Design for Immediate, Hassle-free Use.
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Elite Adventurer Tool

How did you come up with the idea for this product?
The COMBAR was born out of our personal need as adventurers & S.F. background. We were looking for a tool that could easily be carried and would give us the confidence to deal with whatever we would encounter. There were combination tools on the market but none that met our standards.

What makes your product special?
ACLIM8 has created the only heavy-duty multi-tool system with 5 key tools in one compact, durable, lightweight (3.36 lb only!), a military spec package. Based on extensive field research, precision engineering and cutting edge industrial design, the COMBAR was designed for rapid activation and safe use of the five essential tools you need when you go out to nature; a Knife, Saw, Hammer, Axe, and Spade.

What has been the best part of your experience?
In April 2018 we unveiled the COMBAR to the world via our Kickstarter campaign and we were joined by a community of people who shared our vision and values. The COMBARs were shipped in 2019. We did not receive one return. Today Immediately we also began to get contacts from Military units; Law enforcement agencies and Search and Rescue forces from around the world who are now testing the COMBAR as an essential part of the kit for their teams.

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