We realize that many budgets are strapped during the holiday season, that’s why we put together this gift guide highlighting some of our most popular items available under $200 during our Annual Black Friday Sales Event. We’re offering 30% off our entire site with promo code BLFR30, but here are a few items you can’t pass up for the 2A defenders on your holiday shopping list.

5 of the Best Tactical Accessories Available on a Budget:

  1. FAB Defense GL-Mag

    FAB Defense GL-Mag is an AR-15 survival stock that comes with a 10-round magazine but accepts larger, standard magazines as well. With so many applications, the FAB Defense GL-Mag is great because it allows the shooter to carry spare ammo on the gun within immediate grasp. As the saying goes, “Two is one and one is none,” the GL-Mag gives you the extra advantage. The not-your-average buttstock is available during Black Friday for only $85.68 (marked down from $122.40). Click here to shop now!

  2. Meprolight FT Bullseye

    Meprolight FT Bullseye is a single-rear sight that combines fiber optics and tritium to produce a bright, highly visible reticle under any lighting condition. The low profile handgun sight is durable and tough enough to withstand using it to rack the slide if needed. The aiming sequence taps into the shooter’s natural instincts. When you align the dot in the center of the circle to create a “bullseye”, you’re on target. It’s the perfect sight for the person who keeps a gun next to the bed or the most experienced shooter who carries a gun for self-defense. Whether you’re a seasoned shooting sports professional, or just learning to shoot to defend yourself and your loved ones, the FT Bullseye assists in rapid target acquisition unlike any other handgun sight before it. You can learn more about the FT Bullseye here in an FAQ and aiming video. Starting at $199, it’s a can’t-miss item during our Black Friday Sale around $139! Click here to shop now! 

  3. FAB Defense AGR-43

    FAB Defense AGR-43 rubber overmolded pistol grip is designed for better control of the weapon, particularly during one-handed reloading or clearing. The AGR-43 provides a better shooting angle and reduces wrist fatigue when operating your AR-15. Available under $25 during our Black Friday Sale, it’s the coolest stocking stuffer out. Click here to shop now! 

  4. Meprolight Night Sights

    Meprolight Night Sights are the brightest, self-illuminated night sights available in the industry. With a wide variety of models for most popular handguns, there’s a set for nearly every handgun shooter. Meprolight’s most popular night sights usually start at $114.99 for front and rear sights, but during the Black Friday Sale, they’ll be starting as low as $80.49. To browse our night sights section, click here!

  5. FAB Defense PTK/VTS Combo Pack

    FAB Defense PTK/VTS combo pack is the perfect foregrip/handstop. The design is based on the Israeli Defense Forces instinctive shooting method. The natural grip and optimal wrist angle of the PTK provides a natural pointing grip on the weapon and is best when combined with the VTS. The VTS is designed to be used on either side rail as a thumb support or on the bottom of the rail as a handstop. The combo pack is available during the Black Friday Sale at $34.72! Click here to shop now! 

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