It’s true; the Meprolight FT Bullseye is a one-of-a-kind rear-only micro optic pistol sight. Now, for those industry buffs who really know their sights, they might recall the TAS- which is also a rear-only sight. Those buffs might think that the FT Bullseye is a copycat version of the TAS, and they’re not entirely wrong, but they’re not entirely correct, either. Some consumers have been writing in to let The Mako Group know that some resellers are showing the FT Bullseye and selling the TAS sight, but The Mako Group urges consumers to make sure they not only understand the differences between the two sights, that they are also purchasing from trusted retailers and are being sold the correct equipment.

Meprolight saw tremendous potential in the TAS sight, purchased it and began designing improvements to create a brighter, sleeker, more functional sight. Meprolight shortened the length of the optic, added an optical lens, and a dot/circle reticle that streamlined aiming capabilities. The dot/circle reticle is self-illuminated by the combination of fiber optics and tritium, making it functional under all lighting conditions without the need for batteries.

The FT Bullseye’s low profile design fits into standard holsters and won’t snag on clothing. The sight is durable enough to withstand racking the slide and is an excellent option for novice and experienced shooters alike.

Although the sight requires a slight learning curve, once shooters have the chance test it out in the range, many report that the sight lends itself to function in an intuitive way. Whether in competition or in defensive situations, the goal is to place rounds on target quickly and accurately. The FT Bullseye’s design is intuitive and allows the shooter to quickly and accurately get on target. When the dot is centered in the circle creating a bullseye, you’re on target. When milliseconds count, give yourself the advantage.

Currently, the FT Bullseye is available in the United States in the following models: full-size GLOCKs, Springfield Armory XD and XDM, Sig Sauer P226 and P320, Smith and Wesson M&P and M&P Shield, H&K VP9 and Remington R1. The FT Bullseye starts at $199 and is available in red or green. You can order yours today here.

To see the FT Bullseye in action watch this video featuring Master Chief Brian Sargent, USN Master Chief, Ret., who served as an elite, decorated member of the SEALS:


For any questions or concerns regarding the authenticity of your Meprolight FT Bullseye, please email