1. AR Rifles for Home Defense

    Go on any message board or jump into a discussion about what makes the best home defense gun with your buddies the next time you’re at the range and you’re sure to hear a number of opinions. Shotguns—most often pump actions or semi-autos—are a top choice of many practitioners due to the spread of pellets making precise aiming a little less of a concern under duress, as well as a perceived lack of pass through on walls. For others, particularly concealed carry permit holders, the portability and familiarity of the handgun they carry is the way to go even in the home. But as AR-style rifles have become more popular with recreational shooters and collectors, it’s important to note that this most versatile of tactical weapons also makes for an efficient and dependable firearm to use in home defense situations as well. Here are five great reasons ARs make a great choice. Continue reading →
  2. Perfectionism: A Blessing and a Curse

    Precision shooting, as a sport, is basically doing the same exact thing, the same exact way, 40-60 times, over the course of one to two hours. Now, some of you may be thinking, "That sounds like the absolute worst torture I can imagine!" or “That sounds almost as enjoyable as watching paint dry!" Well guess what ladies and gentlemen, you're right! It is— unless, you’re a perfectionist. Ultimately, shooting is a perfectionist's dream. Everything must be done exactly right and exactly the same way every single shot. If it's not, your mistakes are immediately shown to you in the shot you produced. Even better, your shot helps you figure out what you did wrong and how to improve it for the next shot. The instant feedback and proof of error is basically magic, as far as a perfectionist is concerned. Continue reading →
  3. The Game of a Lifetime

    At a certain point in life, athletes can no longer compete at the level they once did. It seems they can work their entire lives to reach a physical peak somewhere between the ages of 16 and 35, only to then find that after this peak, it becomes nearly impossible to compete with the same intensity as they once did. Their bodies just can't keep up anymore. It's a sad but true fact of life that all athletes, some day, must come to terms with. Map of Kelly's Travels this summer. Map of Kelly's Travels this summer Except maybe in shooting. In shooting, a 95-year-old can beat an NCAA division I athlete in an official competition. Hey, it happened to me. Continue reading →
  4. An Honest Look at Collegiate Shooting

    Honesty time: being a collegiate athlete is not an easy task. I was warned, but I went ahead and made my decision to become a member of a division I team in the NCAA. If there was a warning label on college athletics, it might read something like this: WARNING: difficulties of being a collegiate student-athlete may include but are...
  5. Kill Shot: How Hollywood Misses the Mark

    At the risk of sounding like Jerry Seinfeld, I have to ask: what's the deal with marksmanship in film and television? After years of in-depth research and scouring the planet for the greatest minds in shooting (or, you know, just taking a few days to ask some collegiate shooters what they think) I have found that overall, shooting is not...
  6. Shooting Essentials: How to Find a Good Gunsmith

    Firearm? Check. Ammo? Check. Sight? Check. Targets? Check. Gunsmith? What?! A good gunsmith may not be part of your shooting gear, but it’s certainly an essential component to keeping your shooting life smooth-running and fully functional. From critical repairs and precision help updating and accessorizing to annual detailed cleanings of your firearms, a gunsmith can ultimately be a key factor in keeping a fine shooting firearm from turning into a paperweight or museum relic. But just as you wouldn’t trust your important car or home repairs to just any random person (at least I hope you wouldn’t), you should do a little homework before your gun breaks or you need help mounting a sight, rail, stock or other item before a hunting trip or shooting outing. It’s not enough that a guy (or girl) calls themselves a gunsmith and works in a gun shop; you’ll want to be sure they have the right skills and can perform the work you need with your specific firearm(s). Continue reading →
  7. Shooters Can Help Prevent Wildfires

    I had just stepped from church with my family when the text buzzed through on my phone. It was from one of the guys I own some hunting land with and it basically said, “There was a little incident at the farm yesterday. We were shooting tracers and set the cutover next to the house on fire. House is okay, but about 40 acres burned.” Continue reading →

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