Tactical Watches for Weapons

On the battlefield, every tool you take with you needs to be designed with survival in mind - not just your weapon.  That's why one of the best accessories you can buy is a solid tactical watch.  When things get hairy, tactical watches give you benefits you just can't get from other watches, keeping you on track no matter what's going on in your vicinity.

Five Critical Features Of Tactical Watches

1 - Ruggedized Designs

Far too many watches these days are made of thin aluminum and glass which will crack or shatter with even mild impacts.  You can't be worried about your watch when you're ducking for cover.  Tactical watches utilize military-grade ruggedization and waterproofing to ensure they'll keep functioning no matter your tactical situation.

2 - Low-Lumen Lighting

Only you should be able to see your watch - or else it could give away your position.  This is a problem for most civilian watches, since they are focused on making their faces or screens bright and easily viewed from far away.  Tactical watches, on the other hand, focus on keeping the light output as low as possible, for your protection.

3 - Mechanical Engineering

Smartwatches are great for joggers - but not for combat situations.  You need the reliability of solid mechanical engineering.  Digital systems and displays are too fragile plus, of course, they're also highly vulnerable to EMP effects.  But when gears are powering your watch face, they'll keep ticking even if all your electronics are gone.

4 - Easy Gloved Operation

Another factor that civilian watches rarely consider is the idea that their users could be wearing gloves, even heavy gloves.  Their buttons and other features are usually tiny, or they could be touch-based and not work with regular gloves at all.  Tactical watches are designed so that all the functional parts can be easily operated, even if your fingers are covered.  This maintains usability in a much wider range of situations!

5 - Affordability

Best of all, most tactical watches are quite affordable - especially when compared to smartwatches and other similar touch-based gear.  Anyone who's a weapons enthusiast could easily make room in their budget for a tactical watch, and they also make great gifts.

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