Mepro GLS Self-Illuminated Optical Sight for 40mm Grenade Launcher

Mepro GLS
The Need
The Need
Grenade Launchers have been in service with many armies around the world for decades. However, experience has shown that even after extensive training, achieving reasonable accuracy with the "leaf sight" supplied with the weapon is a far shot. Soldiers simply need a reliable sight in order to determine the elevation to the target and to maximize first round hit probability.

• Military
• Law Enforcement

Our Solution
We have solved the aiming limitation by developing the first and only optical reflex sight for 40mm Grenade Launchers. The MEPRO GLS sight functions under all lighting and weather conditions, and offers soldiers the ability to accurately aim and hit targets with both eyes open.

The dual self-illuminated optical sight is a real technological breakthrough. The compact unit mounts onto the Picatinny top rail - on its own or behind the MEPRO M21 Reflex Sight and can also be mounted onto a side adapter (9 o'clock). It is adjustable for both windage and elevation.
During the day, a light collector tube concentrates available ambient light into a dot and projects it onto the sight lens. At night, a small tritium light source supplies the light for the dot.

- Rapid Target Acquisition - High First Hit Probability
- Built-In Drift Compensation
- Always Available - No Batteries
- Numerous Mounting Options
- Compact and Lightweight
More Information
Manufacturer Meprolight
Design / Options Cavalier Design+ Tactical grip
Color Green
Dot number One-dot
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